Zainab is scared and tired. She’s scared of COVID-19, and the possibility that she could pass the virus to a loved one or the elderly. She’s tired of the public response from those who don’t take the pandemic seriously or outright ignore measures to keep others safe.

But through the thick of everything, Zainab remains remarkably grateful to all of those who have shown her love and support. Even where others have failed to thank her, she took to Instagram to give thanks of her own:

“Our faces and ears hurt from our masks, our feet hurt from standing for long hours. We are tired and scared. Scared that we might pass this virus to our loved ones without knowing. Scared that we are walking into a 90 year old room with a hip fracture and pass it to her. This is what scares us the most. Tired of people not listening and thinking this is a joke. But with that being said the amount of love, support and appreciation from our family, friends and most importantly the community is absolutely overwhelming. Thank you for the free meals at work, for the hand made masks, for the care packages, for the love and appreciation.

Thank you again to all the people at the frontline during this crisis.”