Public Service Workers Protect Us isn’t just our website title, it’s our rallying cry, our mantra, and a story that is now playing out on the national stage of every sector of American life. 

Before the battle against COVID-19 turned us all into front line responders against a silent enemy, we were known as the people who “make America happen”. Now, with all of our focuses on serving our communities through this crisis, we have also turned into the people who are “keeping America going ”. 

Our jobs fall across several sectors of public service work. We are the EMS workers who are often first on the scene, the custodians disinfecting buildings, the home care providers who help our most vulnerable, the school bus drivers who see America’s children at the beginning and end of each day, the nurses caring for sick patients, water treatment workers who look out for our safety, amongst other roles.

We are facing many challenges right now. But one of our key fights is to make sure that we have the support we need from the government that will allow us to stay on the job and continue the public services our communities rely on. 

We’re glad you are here to read our stories, learn more about how you can support our fight to obtain certain rights and protections, and of course, cheer us on as we unite to defeat COVID-19.