“Becoming educated about Unions has changed my entire mindset and provided me with some comfort, like knowing how much fair treatment means to me. As a Social Worker, it’s so important for me to provide a certain level of comfort to my clients. Advocating for them to receive the best services possible. Making sure that because they have Medicaid vs GHI, their level of care isn’t diminished. It is my responsibility to fight for fair treatment by providing full support know matter what position they are in.

Someone fighting for fairer treatment and protection matters a lot to me because I’m a black educated woman with a husband and three children who strive to be great. I work to help others in my community to be better in their lives. Without fair treatment and protections, that could be hard for me to uphold.

Being a part of a Union is the smart move to make. Unions fight for you tirelessly. They have supported me on so many levels. To name a few: obtaining my Masters degree, attorney assistance, they supported my causes/movements, childcare, dental, amongst other things. Being in a Union has provided enormous comfort and support for my family and me.”