Laeticia Jones has seen the world unravel over the last few months. She’s a registered nurse, and she describes herself as working in the “epicenter of the epicenter.”

She’s experienced both tragedy and the resilience of the human spirit, and she knows as well as anyone that frontline responders can’t win this fight alone. On Instagram, Laeticia gave her followers some perspective, and urged them to do their part in this fight:

“Here I am. Smiling on that beautiful sunny day in mid January. Like others, not once did I think our world today would be as it is now in just three short months. Well, here we are.

I’m a registered nurse working in the epicenter of the epicenter. My job as I have once known it is no longer the same due to the influx of extremely ill patients and the overall uncertainty of this pandemic.

However, throughout all of this uncertainty, I stand with those at the frontline of this pandemic and as difficult as it may be, I will continue to stand with them until this nightmare is over.

As a member of the frontline staff, I just want those of you reading to know that we are working tirelessly to combat this virus BUT with your help it can be more effective. We can’t do it alone!

Lastly, I urge everyone! Please, take the precautions put in place seriously. People are dying, and dying ALONE! Although you may think this will not affect you now, it has a mass effect on those around you and the future of our world!

Be thoughtful. Be mindful. Be careful. Stay home.”–WIjuBMls/?igshid=1sqi4rmy32fw5