Lauren is an ER nurse in California who writes that she’s never experienced anything like the Coronavirus pandemic before. She says she’s thankful for all front-line employees: from environmental service workers to EMTs to the ER nurses and physicians who are showing up to work each day.

Lauren writes:

There are lots of unknown going on in healthcare right now. Despite that, there are some things I am certain of:⁣

My gratitude for environmental services. I’m thankful for the environmental service lady who cleans every room in the ER including the ones that had patients who possibly had Covid-19. Her work (and everyone from EVS) makes a difference to the health and safety of all patients and staff, and is not overlooked, it’s greatly valued. Now, more than ever, EVS plays a key role in keeping everyone safe. ⁣

My gratitude for all of the other essential workers. All of the other nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, emergency medical services, all the other hospital staff, bus drivers, mail carriers and grocery workers. They are the ones that go to work day in and day out, and I’m thankful for that! ⁣

“Heroism is not only in the man, but in the occasion.” It feels like everyone one of us, health care or not, has had to rise to this unexpected and unprecedented occasion. Those that have lost their jobs or had their income significantly decreased, the parents who are now homeschooling, and the small businesses who are navigating a challenging season. We are all in this together.⁣

There is a quote by E. A. Bucchianeri that reads “It is the unknown that draws people.” None of us knows how long this will last, or what the outcome will look like, but I’m hoping that the humanity we provide to each other is what we will remember about this time.⁣