Mehek is a General Dentistry Resident studying in New York, and she has a unique perspective on the role her mentors and colleagues in the dentistry field have played in the fight against the coronavirus.

“The whole world has been expressing gratitude to most of the frontline workers in one way or another ever since this devil in the form of coronavirus attacked our beautiful planet. All the delivery persons who deliver us food, the cleaners, first responders, nurses, doctors are working very hard to keep us going. But what keeps them going is when we encourage them by showing gratitude to them. This is what gives them strength to keep working fearlessly and tirelessly.

I am a General Dentistry Resident…I have seen my professors and some of my co-residents working for dental emergencies like severe pain, infection, swelling and difficulty in eating and swallowing. Some of my co-residents were deployed to work in the ICU with COVID-19 patients. Even they have been putting their lives at risk.”