AFSCME retirees are standing up against cuts to Social Security, and they’re finding inspiration in a special person, potential First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Dr. Biden recently joined the Seniors for Biden group for a live stream gathering of experts and retirees who discussed a series of issues affecting the community.

The meeting included individuals working to support and protect Social Security – including Gary Mitchell, a former AFSCME International vice president and member of AFSCME Retirees Chapter 32; and Steve Regenstreif, former director of AFSCME Retirees and chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Senior Council – who offered personal stories about how the social service has made an impact on their life.

Expressing her support for Social Security, Dr. Biden remarked that the United States is a “country where all generations are valued, a place where, when you work hard your whole life and pay into the system, you earn the right to security. [F]or 85 years, Social Security has ensured that Americans enjoy a secure retirement with guaranteed benefits after that lifetime of work and contributions.”

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