Victoria’s vivid imagination makes it clear how important funding for public service workers continues to be as long as the coronavirus continues to affect communities like hers in Atlanta and around the country.

“Imagine a world where you are a woman with a high risk pregnancy and you’re about to go into labor, but the local hospital has been closed due to COVID. The closest hospital is 60 mins away. How will you get there?

Imagine a world where your husband is exhibiting symptoms of a heart attack, but over half the local ambulance workers have been laid off due to COVID so it will now take double the time for someone to arrive to help him. Every minute waiting feels like an hour as you watch him in agony.

Imagine a world where a nurse who is a single mother of 4 and is laid off from an orthopedic recovery unit because those surgeries are considered elective surgery. Due to COVID there are no elective surgeries so now she has no income to feed, house and cloth her children.

We cannot let these situations happen. That mother deserves proper care to birth that baby. That husband deserves immediate medical attention to save his life and that nurse needs a job to care for her family. This is what could happen if our public servants are not funded! We need to ensure we support legislation that will support those who care for you and I. We need each other but it starts with you..”