Catalina is an RN in Nevada who recently shared her appreciation for “ALL first responders & public service workers alike.” She reminds her followers and all people to self distance and acknowledge the sacrifice of all workers who can’t stay home.

“It’s important for us to acknowledge the sacrifice of ALL first responders & public service workers alike. These are the individuals who willingly put their life on the line daily and don’t back down, even during this tragic crisis. They know the dangers of going out to work every day, but continue to do so for the betterment of society. Staying home isn’t an option for everyone and it’s important to acknowledge the sacrifices made by each of these workers.
It struck me that this individual, along with their coworkers had continuously asked for the proper PPE, but were neglected. It was only after a life was lost that they had decided to “deep clean” only to still be called back to work. These workers are living in fear every day not only for themselves, but for their loved ones around them. Stay home, stay safe, and let these workers have that option to do so, too.”