“What is the “union difference”?

In residency, I was a part of a union which advocated for me and the rights of my peers. As a union member, I was a privy to their benefits such as affordable insurance, hospital housing, resident well-being measures etc. throughout residency. But, being a member became especially critical to addressing patient and staff safety and rights during the pandemic.

When NYC was at the peak of this global crisis, some hospital staff were given undue benefits that the residents of the same hospitals were not offered. That’s where our union intervened! This was not only at our hospital but all participating NYC hospitals. As hospital staff we all worked in the SAME virus ridden clinical environment- shouldn’t all of us be given proper protection? Also, if the hazard is the same, shouldn’t something like hazard pay also be something that should be considered for the clinical staff?

Being a part of a union made the difference: “The Union Difference”. ✊🏽

I have witnessed the power of union advocacy – to fight for our rights, to negotiate with hospital administration, to initiate important conversations and ultimately to create REAL change for all of us.”