Earning a livable wage.  

Guaranteed breaks. 

Safe patient ratios. 

✨As a union nurse, I have experienced these and numerous other benefits that have positively impacted my career and well-being. 

✨ Being part of a union has allowed me to benefit from one of the highest salaries in the country. This has given me a greater sense of financial stability and security, allowing me to focus on providing the best possible care to my patients.

✨ The union has provided me with job security. Knowing that my union contract protects my job and prioritizes seniority has given me peace of mind and allowed me to focus on my work without worrying about job security.

✨ Being part of a union has also allowed me to engage in collective bargaining, ensuring that my concerns and needs are heard and addressed. 

✨ Being part of a union has provided me with access to resources and support, including educational and training programs, networking opportunities, and legal resources. These resources have allowed me to improve my skills as a nurse and advance in my career, while also providing me with a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

✨The union advocates for nurses on a broader scale, lobbying for laws and policies that protect our rights and improve patient care. Knowing that my union is fighting for me and my patients gives me a sense of pride and purpose in my work as a nurse.