“Unions matter. In my lifetime, it has never been more critical to support the union cause. Historically unions have fought for fair pay, safe working conditions, and even a little-known cultural norm that we take for granted called the weekend. 

Today we are grappling with many significant technological and cultural changes. Automation and artificial intelligence may make many jobs obsolete within our lifetime, including many clerical roles, forcing more significant economic pressure on workers who remain in the workforce.

Giant corporations act in the interest of their shareholders and not their workers unless outside forces shape their behavior. We must take our grievances to the picket line and the ballot box.

Americans want the American dream. They want a comfortable life, a family, a home, and a community in which they can take pride. Americans want a life of economic security, a clean environment for our children to inherit, reliable and affordable medical system. Unions can be one of the avenues that we leverage to realize this dream. 

As a media and event professional, I have directly benefited from the standards and practices union members have fought over the years. I am closer to the American dream thanks to the culture of hard and fair work ethic instilled by our union brothers and sisters.

Will you step up and speak and speak out for your brothers and sisters?”