Houston nurse Melanie recently took to Instagram to thank her fellow first responders for protecting the public during the Coronavirus pandemic. She’s also reminding her followers to practice self-distancing to limit the “amount of people you come in contact with.”

She writes:

“I wanted to publicly thank all Healthcare Providers who have been working nonstop since the COVID-19 outbreak. We put ourselves at risk everyday stepping into the hospital, and that’s not because we have to, but by CHOICE. We, Health Care Providers, are working so hard to protect the public.

…Nurses choose this profession to help & take care of others, despite the bad & the ugly, so please help us out too.”

Melanie also reminds people to practice self distancing: “Self quarantining doesn’t mean having a house party instead of going to the bar, it means limiting the amount of people you come in contact with. This is your time to NETFLIX AND CHILL, while also protecting yourself, loved ones, and the rest of the population. And with that, please WASH YOUR HANDS (gloves don’t replace that) if you do go out in public.”