Wisconsin, like nearly every other state in the country, is facing a dangerous fiscal gap as a result of the coronavirus, and more support from Washington is needed in order to avoid massive furloughs and layoffs of municipal workers, writes the state’s treasurer, Sarah Godlewski, in The Cap Times.

Wisconsin’s League of Municipalities recently estimated a $400 million deficit across the state’s local governments, a figure which will inevitably affect the contracts and salaries of hundreds of local public service employees.

“Now, more than ever,” writes Godlewski, “we need essential government services to keep people healthy and safe. We need EMTs and paramedics to continue serving on the frontlines fighting this virus. We need our public works employees to continue managing our sewer systems and utilities. We need our teachers to educate our kids whether that be remote or in the classroom. These workers and the services they provide are essential and critical to our recovery as a state.”

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