Gabriela (and Mochi!) have a long list of essential workers to thank for the role they’ve played in ensuring their safety and comfort during the coronavirus quarantine. Here are a few:

“This picture would look a lot different without the bravery and dedication of the essential workers in this country. The part they play in all of our lives at this time deserves immense gratitude. Just to name a few: grocery store employees allow me to have access to my ingredients to craft my favorite culinary comforts, and to the ingredients I need to prepare Mochi’s food. Postal delivery drivers allow me access to important, essential supplies and fun “treat-yourself” gifts without leaving the house. Mochi’s veterinary office remaining open meant I could take him to get an injection that helps with his yearly allergies and the discomfort they cause him. It all comes back to essential workers. Thank you to our essential workers, for your courage, selflessness and invaluable dedication to keep those of us at home safe and healthy.”