Britni, herself a former kindergarten teacher, has a long list of other frontline workers to recognize and thank for their selfless service during the coronavirus pandemic. Frontline workers keep cities and towns working and moving every day, and the future of those cities and towns – and of the workers themselves – are in jeopardy without congressional support.

“Sanitation workers, first responders, health care workers, childcare workers, USPS workers, truck drivers, power plant workers, grocery store employees…. All of these people and more get up everyday and risk their health and potentially their lives to make sure we are taken care of, and they have what we need. Picture what our lives would be like with more budget cuts if we had *even less* of these workers.

Congressional funding towards public services is vital in keeping our community safe, secure, and accountable. Now more than ever, WE NEED to have our voices heard in advocating for our front line workers and essential employees.”