Jonathan Perry is a filmmaker in Ohio. He recently organized his friends to deliver care packages to the families of first responders. He was inspired by the bravery of all frontline workers, who continue to lack PPE, and in some cases lose their lives to the virus. He writes:

“I organized some friends of mine to deliver 50+ care packages to local families with first responders. These packs contained: Gloves, Masks, Soap, Disinfectant, and Toilet Paper. The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted countless lives. While many of us are taking shelter from the storm, our brave public service workers have spent every day on the front lines of this battle. Despite the risks, they continued to work because there are people they need to keep safe, to transport, to feed, to serve, to try to protect. But sadly, many of these brave Americans have lost their lives to complications from this virus.”