As Covid continues to impact our jobs and livelihood now is the best time to get involved with your local (or even national) labor union. Unions have been a long time source of support and fundamental research for workplace rights. As someone who has been involved with unions and labor associations, I find that they take the time (which most of us don’t have between work, families, home, etc) to fight for fair pay, workplace rights, healthcare, retirement, and protection of titles (which is a big deal to me in the Interior Design profession). Union members have the added benefit of being able to voice their opinions and concerns to the union employees, who will in turn do what is necessary to make sure those rights are petitioned for – a win-win situation! As I have seen in the case of my mom, who is a teacher, unions can also play an integral role in ensuring raises as well, and who doesn’t love a raise? TLD – get involved with your local professional union!