Myles, a lifeguard born and raised in Chicago, considers his union a real life saver. It stands behind him in the best of times, and stands up for him in the most challenging ones.

“I am a part of a Lifeguard Union. This union has helped us fight for better pay and for better job security. When the living wage started to exceed the minimum wage for lifeguards, our union fought for an increase in pay so that we would be able to live near the places we work at. Our union has made sure that every single person regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities, or economic status has the chance for employment at the Chicago Park District. I believe being part of the union has helped me from being exploited and helped me gain rightful employment with the Chicago Park District.

I, personally, believe that having someone or an entity fight for you and your right, should come with every job because there are millions of people out there being exploited for labor and are not given fair treatment. Having the union means that if I get treated unfairly, harassed, or fired unreasonably I will always have the union to fight for me and make sure I get the protection I need.”