While Americans are doing their best to keep their distance from one another in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of public service workers – including delivery drivers, grocery store employees, and food delivery workers – are doing the exact opposite and coping with the risks of reporting to work every day, according to a report on CNN.com.

Tony Mazzella, a UPS driver in New York City, says, “I’m a New Yorker. I typically don’t get scared of anything, but you know what? It’s essential that I’m here because people rely on their deliveries,” he said.

Jessica Camacho, a grocery store bookkeeper and cashier, admitted “Coming in every day is nerve-wracking, I am definitely afraid of getting this virus. But I am doing everything I can to protect myself and I am here for the community and I have to be here to support them and continue doing my job every day.”

“It feels crazy to understand how much people really need us now in this pandemic,” said John Dozier, a Fresh Direct delivery worker. “It’s a little risk coming outside every day to do your job. But I kind of feel like a superhero in a sense, saving the world.”

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