Dentists like Brittany are definitely one of the many types of essential workers who have been providing special care to their communities during the coronavirus. Brittany acknowledges those essential workers outside of the medical field whose contributions are just as essential below:

“As we all know, essential workers extend far beyond the medical field. There are outstanding members of society ensuring that we have groceries, internet, transportation, mail packages, and so much more. These people, like all the heroes I mentioned before, are also doing their part to ensure that we get through this.

One of the meanings of the number 2020 in numerology is a focus on relationships and teamwork. I can truly say that the recent works of public service workers all over epitomize the meaning of redefining relationships and being united in teamwork. As tragic as this situation has been, it has also been encouraging to see people bravely come together in solitude as we eradicate this virus.”