“We are stronger when we stand together.

Being a part of a family unit has shown me how valuable it is to be part of a team, working and fighting for one another. When I look to my future career, I want to be a part of a team that does just that!

Unions in the workplace are teams that are set up to ensure that workers are protected and treated fairly. I come from a long line of union workers, starting with my great grandfather and extending to my mom who is a part of a union in her role as a teacher. This union has supported her ability to do what she loves and to do it well, operating as a part of a unit. She has worked hard for over 25 years in her district, and as a part of the union, she fights for fair working conditions not only for herself, but for younger teachers as well. My mom worked without a contract for 3 years. During that time, the union made sure that she and her co-workers were taken care of so that they could still fulfill their purpose of nurturing young minds and hearts.”